Artist Biography:

Since 2013 when Crystal Barron started their art journey they have continued to push the boundaries of art. With each new work and concept Crystal brings their creative ideas to life.

Never limiting subject matter has allowed them to work with a variety of mediums and styles. Crystal has dabbled in everything from teaching art, to creating fine art, puppetry, and acting.

Not only has Crystal Barron taught art foundations to aspiring artists, but has also served as a voice for LGBT art and the LGBT community. Other projects they worked on have included creating handmade jewelry sold around the world for the Art-O-Mat Company as well as constructing and puppeteering for Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 2018 show, “In the Heart of The Fire.”

Currently a Sequential Arts major at the Savannah College of Art and Design as well as storyboarding minor, Crystal is eagerly looking forward to furthering their artistic career.